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Understanding App Advertisements

App promotion addresses the full approach to advertising a software. The system that an application creator executes for advertising and advertising their own software will depend on numerous things particularly their spending funds, the style of app also the competitors the software will deal with as soon as information technology was released in the software store. There are numerous strategies that you really should bring just before your own personal application is submitted, including a good quality media-kit, a blog to advertise the app and deciding a cost, marketing and monetisation system. There include over 500,000 applications available, extremely obtaining an app to stand over through the rivals requires plenty of efforts and a decent resources.

What exactly is my favorite options if I dont bring a huge budget

Instead of focusing on acquiring your own software directly into the very top 10 listings which will set you back some cash and could easily become a hit or neglect approach, large numbers of app developers become focusing on their application label and keywords to obtain their software rated. Existing study try displaying you that the app classification, brand-newer updates and product reviews have actually almost no influence on their apps rankings.

If youre wanting to bring right into the top 25 in their niche the competitors may differ substantially with video games representing one particular competitive market. Considering this, the fastest method of climbing upwards the ranks try through aiming for install rate (the speed of app downloads) also the amount of downloads. For any most part this really is determined by significant advertising across all regarding the the mobile app advertising and marketing and advertising systems together with providing a lower price regarding the software in its first start stage.

For market apps and indie designers ASO appears to be a most feasible option. It provides quick effects and is actually so much smoother (and inexpensive) to carry out. Make use of a means such as for instance for example for instance google adwords to shot to function over specifically keyword terms men might feel entering straight to the app store lookup area and analyze information technology against the opponents keyword keyword phrases. Look at words whenever the competition was not thus high and base their app name and keywords on this. Understand that for their entire app name to display, information technology is required to be lower than 32 people. As well as your own personal range of key phrases should never end up being more than 100 people. Also remember that the moment their application is actually within the shop application feedback, which have now been maybe not so relevant into the app rankings, being vitally important any time programs become being assessed by everyone who probably want to obtain them.

A few Tips for the Software Marketing Method

There were any amounts of organizations out there supplying to do your app advertisements for your own, as well as the prices and techniques differ. But if the budget are small, at the very minimum ensure that you carry out another to ensure that your application becomes the greatest coverage achievable.

Build a Great App
It doesnt have to put the entire globe alight, but ensure that that its properly debugged and that men like it. Examination out the information on household members and pals, and just before an individual launch the software ensure which they had a chance to get through information technology and recognize pests and feasible weak ares. Its maybe not fool-proof, but its complimentary and information technology can help.

Be positive youve received a plain concept of the way you are supposed to monetize your own software. Numerous software put up complimentary and full (paid model), other people provide a freemium app exactly where you obtain the app for free, but to unlock the complete function people require to upgrade.

Tips for App Cost
Efforts out what you need to cost for their app. Information technology had previously been that really couple of applications energized above 99 cents, but days become modifying and if exactly what you provide adds importance to the user, after that further usually than maybe not, they are usually eager to pay for information technology.

Marketing And Advertising
Incorporate PPI advertisements on your own app and enroll with Tapjoy or Revmob to publicize your software. Since these people provide a cover per download, an individual were guaranteed of getting straight back your own marketing spend through app store packages.
Become free visibility exactly where you could by regarding visitors your discover, doing click announcements and wondering app analysis internet to take a glance at your software.
Capture a videos clip on the software showcasing its services. Upload information technology to youtube or vimeo and utilize the videos to promote the app.
Publicize through social media sites information technology really does not cost money, just a while. And you'll be able to provide promotion codes offers once anyone reveal your own changes.
Making Certain somebody can discover the software if they are lookin perform customer content, posses an application web site and render their self available on discussion boards.

Be certain youre hearing just exactly what your own consumers need to state. Frequently read the product reviews their unique app was obtaining into the app store and find out if there include improvements you may possibly make that will enhance their unique knowledge.

Create sure you are tracking the marketing and advertising investment, your own downloads as well as your positions.

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And some tips about exactly specifically to avoid

The software store supplies you big opportunities for application creators, but information technology usually normally takes much further than just a great software to make it big. Ensuring that an individual maximize all on the the out there ventures will render your the greatest potential of starting and dealing with a successful app. It was in addition well worth thinking about some of the common errors developers render once approaching the advertising and advertising on the apps.
Releasing a cost-free software and planning on information technology to perform better because their complimentary. You'll find 1000's of higher top good programs no-cost readily available within the software shop and customers anticipate apps to create on their unique claims.

Underutilizing personal. whenever their application was great, consumers will be pleased to reveal about information technology. Question all of all of them to tweet or carry out a fb posting regarding the app. Generate it very simple to shre: do it inside the application, incentivize all of them (by presenting to discover a brand-brand new stage or making a brand-new feature offered).

Maybe not allocating an advertising budget. With solutions such as for example for example cover-every-apply (cover each apply) you're going to be sure of getting a return when the cash your place when.

Focusing on which the software will as opposed to just what it provides you to users. In salesman phrases: sell the sizzle, maybe not the sausage. Folk would like to know how their software will benefit all of them as opposed to going through a number of capabilities that the software contains.

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Many affiliates are not making any money with the programs they promote because they are simply making a lot of mistakes, which prevent them from bringing their affiliate marketing business to the next level.

The right affiliate strategy can help you make your first sale in one week, or more. It will depend on how much effort you put into the battle.

Follow these seven days to affiliate marketing profit and you should do well, and see your first affiliate sale very soon. When I saw that blueprint for the first time, I was skeptical; but when I saw commissions in my affiliate account, I knew that the process was working perfectly.

The problem is not in the process but with the affiliate marketer who didn't set a clear goal with a plan and didnt take action to achieve the success that many other super affiliates are enjoying.

So here is the plan that you must follow if you want to make your first commission in affiliate week:

Day 1: Find a profitable market

Finding a profitable market is where most affiliates fail and then give up. It's not their fault, but nobody takes the time to explain that.

When you are starting, it is better to start with a huge market that is already profitable, like golf, weight loss, finance, self-help, beauty, sports, fitness...

Start by researching what those people want, what they are searching for on the Internet. For that, you will need a keyword research tool like or Yahoo search marketing tool.

Day 2: Find an affiliate product for this market

Before finding the product, try to identify the needs of your targeted market. Your chosen product must be excellent; and you want to have a good commission that will reward you, motivate you and cover your affiliate campaign costs. You can start with or

You must verify the sales page to see if it will convert your visitors into sales.

Day 3: Know and understand your product

Know that the goal of the affiliate is to pre-sell and not to sell. The merchant must sell his product, not you.

You should pre-sell (capture and warm up) your product to your subscriber. For that, you need to know the benefits of the product for your subscribers, and the best way to do that is to own the product.

Day 4: Prepare your advertising plan

Prepare your material: ads, articles, where you will advertise this affiliate program: Start with articles and pay-per-click traffic via Google Adwords.

Day 5: Prepare yourself to capture your prospects

You must not send your visitor to the merchant page, but you must capture his name and email address first, to secure your future affiliate commissions.

Day 6: Write your killer follow-up material

After capturing his email address, the pre-written message in your autoresponder will do the work for you and close the sale.

Day 7: Drive tons of traffic to your lead capture page

When everything is ready, start to advertise your affiliate program. Actually, you will show your lead capture (also called opt-in or squeeze page) page to the world, and take your future buyer's email address. One of the most effective ways to advertise it is to write articles.

Remember: the affiliate marketing process works, and it is perfect. But it will not work without you. So take action, and when you start to see your affiliate commissions, you will know that it is working; and you will be able to master the affiliate marketing game and become a super affiliate.

Marketing, without it you have no business and with the wrong marketing it is not much different. Todays market place is filled with commercials, radio advertising, billboards, and ads in magazines. Your clients are constantly inundated with this information and being able to capture their attention is quite difficult because of it. The most difficult part of marketing is figuring out how to get and keep their attention so your business comes to mind, and alternative health businesses have the same hurdles as more mainstream ventures.

There are myriad of different ways to advertise your business from traditional advertising to more web based contemporary advertising. Both of these techniques work for both mainstream and alternative businesses. For the sake of argument we will use chiropractic marketing ideas to explore several of the options available in traditional and new media.

The first type of marketing is the most common, traditional marketing. This generally involves the print media and radio & television and word of mouth. While this type of marketing does compete with the internet it is important to remember that not everyone is on the internet and often those who are most in need of coaching through chiropractic seminars, services and patient education rely on word of mouth along with traditional advertising:

1.Print Media: This includes business cards, newspaper/magazine advertising, flyers, mailers, etc. The mass appeal of the internet has forced a decline in the effectiveness of these methods but that is not a reason to abandon them. A comprehensive marketing plan for your business needs to include both the traditional means as well as new media in order to gain peoples attention. When putting together the marketing, you want to make sure it is crisp and to the point. Another key aspect is to make sure that all of your methods of advertising match, this is referred to as branding and its sole purpose is to give your chiropractic business a consistent identity in the market place.

2.Radio & Television: depending on your location and how your competition is advertising should determine if you need to or want to use radio/television for advertising. These methods generally cost the most and are only effective if applied to a broad listener base and played several times daily. An excellent technique to keep in mind is this, if you have local competition and they are not running any radio spots then it would be worth running an ad on the radio for your chiropractic business, it would set you apart from others.

3.Word of Mouth: word of mouth has always been viewed as being more powerful than any commercial, radio spot or ad in the paper because it comes with the experience of a real person. Happy clients can make or break any business but even more so when dealing with alternative health choices. This is mainly due to the stigma and opinion that it is not real medicine when in reality it is quite real and beneficial.

While these are the traditional means of advertising and they are affected by the internet, as mentioned that is not a good enough reason to remove them from your marketing plan. The goal of the marketing plan is to brand your business and introduce AND keep it in everyones mind that you are there but also what services you offer and how they can help your audience.

Technology has provided the small business owner with a variety of tools to market their business for little overhead and a small investment of time. The following are three of these new media tools that you as a chiropractic business can benefit from and an idea on how on use.

1.Facebook: Probably the most obvious of new media choices but not always the easiest to work into a marketing plan. The power of Facebook lies in how you use marketing for chiropractic business. There are several different types of pages you can setup on Facebook (FB) from the average user, bands, groups and businesses. It is the business page we are most interested in because it allows for the most flexibility and customization for your chiropractic business. Lets assume that your business already has a website and now you have started to work on a FB page as well. Facebook allows you to integrate your site with their but adding the Like button to your page. This means that for every visitor that you have come to your website, if they have a FB profile and they click like they are now part of your FB fans and receive information from your FB page. So as a point of advertising you now have two different sites, your website and Facebook sending traffic back and forth, both increasing your viewership and your page rankings (think search engine ranking). Another aspect of FB business pages is that FB allows you to add in a landing page which often is a mini version of your website that you can link back to your main site.

Now that we have laid that out, how does this actually help your business? We will use Joe as an example, Joe needs chiropractic work done and one of his friends has your business page liked, so, Joe goes to your FB page. Since you have a landing page Joe will now be seeing a mini version of your website and is able to click over to your services, benefits, hours of operation all from within that FB page. You could even set it up so when Joe likes your page he would receive a discount coupon on his initial consultation! This simple coupon and quality service provided to Joe will help him become a loyal client and be very willing to promote your chiropractic services by both Facebook and word of mouth.

2.Blogging: This is a time consuming method of advertising, it does require dedication and a schedule for when your articles post to be most effective. Blogging has a tremendous amount of readers and niche areas such as chiropractors and their services. The power with blogging is the followers, who is following your blog and consequently who follows their blog. It is a digital version of the networking each of us as professionals are involved with day to day. Often bloggers will have a main website or their blog will be part of their main website that details out their services and the benefits of those services. Many bloggers use their blogs as a means of driving traffic to their website, Facebook or any other sites that they are looking to drive traffic to.

As part of a marketing plan a blog should only be undertaken if the time to manage it and work with it is there. Additionally a blog should not be added into the marketing plan if there is no real benefit to your overall marketing strategy, it will only be a drain on time and resources that could be better spent investing in strategies that are working.

3.Quora: Quora is an up and coming site that is structured as a question and answer site. What sets Quora apart from other Q&A sites is the caliber of people on the site. Generally professionals of all walks Quora is a wonderful marketing tool for a business. By having a presence on Quora and participating in the community you are able to gain more exposure for your chiropractic business to a demographic that has a higher amount of discretionary income for health and well being. This is a more focused type of online networking, joining a community of professionals, participating in discussions and forwarding them to your website, blog, or even personal contact information. Quora does require an investment of time but in comparison to blogging, the time is spent interacting with potential clients or business partners. Whereas blogging requires an investment of time for writing the articles, maintaining a presence online and networking with other bloggers to build up your network. Quora on the other hand allows you to post questions and draw conversation in or you can choose to answer questions that others have posted. In both cases you are able to build relationships, promote the benefits of chiropractic work and direct traffic to your website/business.

Any successful marketing plan for your business is going to involve aspects from both traditional and new media advertising. Your business cards should have your website and email address on them, you may even consider putting your Facebook URL on them as well. Advertising in magazines and papers will also include the same information. The point of the marketing plan is to determine what is going to work best for your business and in the area that you are established in.

As with any business owner, chiropractors are not interested in marketing, marketing plans or how the nuts and bolts of advertising to their client base works. Rightly so, their focus should be on their business, managing chiropractic practice and making sure their clients receive the best possible care. Organizations such as DC Mentors work with chiropractors to find the correct solutions for managing their practice, working with clients and leadership skills.

Today there is a severe competition in the market and marketing of a product really plays a very important role. We need different marketing tactics which are highly penetrative in the target segment and incur a very less cost. SMS today has become a very obvious choice of the consumers because it provides a high penetration into market and reaches to a large chunk of the society with incurring a very nominal cost.
SMS software is now not an unknown word in this entire world, in fact there are plenty of SMS sending software's available in Indian market today. But for marketing of products companies are now highly involved in sending promotional messages to the target audiences. Today many companies are using online SMS sending websites to target clients by sending text messages at a very faster pace. But there is altogether different charm in using SMS Software. Once the SMS software is been installed on your PC then you are able to add unlimited contacts in the desired group you want and with just a single click of the mouse you can send the messages to the people. The Installation of the SMS software is very simple and with the help of operational CD one can easily operate the software.
SMS Software is an efficient tool to send instant and personalized messages to the target audience. Companies always like to be in touch with their existing clients, customers, retailers, wholesalers so that they can be informed about the new products, discounts, new launched products, features and other value-added offerings offered by the company officials.
Marketing managers always face security issues related with the security of their target audience. They do not want at any cost that their precious data should be lost or can get in the hands of illegal people. The data is the main asset of the company and especially of the marketing department of the particular company. A company can progress and achieve good heights with the prospective clients only when they are ready to invest their time and money in the company. So SMS Software provides them with the sign of relief that while using SMS Software you are been provided with the utmost data security level because once the software is been installed on the computer, the contacts are then been stored in the software at just one computer only. So by this way the data is fully secured and safe. Software possesses the facility of password protection. The person who is having the password of the software can only send the message. No other person is been provided with this facility. It solely depends upon the administrator who is having the password. If administrator wants then he can make different users who can operate the software but are not able to send any message. They are been restricted by this right. So in my view the SMS Software is really best suited for marketing purposes.
Ravneet Anand is Marketing Executive at NSPL. Get more latest and appropriate information about SMS Software, working and benefits of SMS Software, then can visit Website

Ive had this study on the back burner for ages and finally decided it was time to check it out. Heres the deal Tons of marketing gurus tell you that the best way to sell something is with a sales letter. Im not disputing that (at least not in this study). These gurus then tell you that you should set up a one-page web-site that simulates a piece of white paper against a _____ background. That blank is what has been bothering me for awhile. Heres why

I keep seeing different colors for major marketers. I even see some major marketers switch colors from one site to another. It makes me wonder if they have done any testing. Does the color just not matter? If so, why do so many use dark blue, light blue and black?

Then I consider the major money makers on the net and wonder why only one uses a colored background. Im talking about Yahoo, Google, Ebay and Amazon. They all use a white background surrounding their page that is set in a limited width table in the center of the page. Only uses a medium blue background.

It was high time for a study to find out the real answer. I did it in the usual way. I built a list of profitable and unprofitable sites by looking at the duration of ads being placed on Yahoo (Overture) and Google. If an ad had been shown for six months or longer, I placed the target page on a list of profitable sites. If an ad was placed and completely dropped in less that one month, the site was placed on an unprofitable list. The latter list would be less reliable, but the comparison between the two lists would still be statistically valid with a sufficient sample size. The latter list might only represent average sites, but even average sites would be less profitable than the known profitable list.

The results were very mixed. First of all, the white background sites were the vast majority on both lists. You simply cant go wrong with a completely white background. However, it wasnt actually the winner. Here is the breakdown:

Profitable sites with a white background: 85.2%

Unprofitable (or average) sites with a white background: 92.6%

A non-white background actually was more profitable a higher percentage of the time. I then studied the darkness of the background in those minority sites for both profitable and unprofitable sites. Looking at the RGB values, I split the colors into two buckets those that were dark (191 or less average RGB value) and those that were light (192 or higher RGB value). The results were even more clear:

Looking only at non-white backgrounds of profitable sites with dark colors: 92.8%

Looking only at non-white backgrounds of unprofitable sites with light colors: 96.1%

Wow! Thats quite a correlation. Although a vast majority of profitable (and unprofitable) sites have a white background, those that do have a non-white background have a dark background whereas the unprofitable sites were more likely to have a light background both with an extremly high correlation. Thats hard to ignore.

I next had to get the actual answer. What color background had the highest correlation with profitability. Whats the bottom line? The answer was just as clear:

53.3% of the profitable sites with non-white desktop background were black.

Now; I should be very clear about this result. The area under study is NOT the actual web-site text area. We are NOT talking about having white text on a black background. In a vast majority of cases, these sites actually had black text on a white background. The area under study is the theoretical area AROUND the virtual piece of paper. It is the desktop color if you pretend the web-site area is a piece of paper sitting on a virtual desktop. It isnt the color of the piece of paper that is under study. It is the color of the virtual desktop that the piece of paper is virtually laying upon.

So what am I going to do about this result? Ill probably eventually implement it. I dont like it, but the result is very clear. Why dont I like it? Well, take a look at one of my sites:

I use a virtual piece of white paper on a virtual white desktop. I like the fuzzed shadow I use around the edges. That fuzzed shadow wont be possible with a black background. The shadow will simply disappear leaving (in my opinion) a less professional look of a crisp piece of white paper against a black backdrop.

The other reason I dont like it is that it puts me out of the majority of profitable sites in general. It will make future studies more difficult. Instead of simply grabbing profitable sites and comparing them to unprofitable sites, I will need to grab only profitable and unprofitable sites that have a black background. Otherwise other results might not be valid if they come from the majority white background dataset. A good example would be a study of headline color. The most profitable headline color might be different between those sites with a black background and those with a standard white background.

I simply havent decided what to do yet. Will I stick with the safe standard white desktop behind my virtual piece of paper? Or will I go with the black desktop that is less standard, but has a higher correlation with profitability? What will you do?

One result from this study is very clear though. If you do choose a non-white background, it is foolhardy to choose yellow, blue (light or dark), pastel green, or any other color. The correct color for highest profitability is clearly black. The 2nd place color (and the color of the vast majority of sites) is white. All other colors failed miserably in this study.

A marketing plan template is like a roadmap that allows you to attract your ideal clients and promote your products and services. For solo entrepreneurs marketing themselves online, the best way to do that is with a marketing funnel.

If you picture a funnel, you know it's wide at the top, and narrow at the bottom. At the top of the marketing funnel is where you want to get in as many people from your target market as possible. The best way to do this is by offering a free giveaway that is valuable for your target market.

The top of your marketing funnel is the widest part and it's where you want to get in as many people from your target market as possible.

The best way to do this is with a giveaway that meets the top burning needs of your target market and showcases your solutions. In exchange for this giveaway, your prospects give you their name and email address so you can continue to communicate with them.

You can also tell the people in your marketing funnel about your products and services. This is an important part of your marketing plan template. Generally speaking, in the middle of your funnel you will put your low to mid-range products and services. And at the bottom of the funnel are your highest priced programs and services.

Keep in mind though that you don't want to annoy the people in your funnel with excessive marketing. You should continue to provide valuable content and gifts through things like your newsletter, special offers, contests, etc.

You can also tell the people in your marketing funnel about your products and services. This is an important part of your marketing plan template.

Many coaches and consultants make a mistake with their funnel, in that they start with one-on-one support as their very first offering. Not everyone is ready to make the leap from free to what can be a significant investment.

The idea of this targeted internet marketing strategy is to keep people moving down the funnel, from the top to the bottom. Not everyone will reach the bottom of your funnel, and that's okay. While everyone in your target market is your prospect, not everyone will resonate with your style and messages. You want the people who really connect with you and with whom you really connect to be the ones to move through your funnel and to stick with you.

Remember that your goal is not just to "move people through your funnel". That's way too depersonalized. Your real goal is to build a community. Treat the people on your list with respect. They are valued members of your community and without them, you wouldn't have a business.

Once a specialty product purchased by a select few farmers and hobby gardeners, organic fertilizers have now become a common sight in virtually every garden center. With so much competition on the market, organic fertilizer manufacturers and dealers are looking at new ways to market their products and increase their sales.

Like all wise marketers, organic fertilizer distributors have learned that the best way to sell their product by combining loads of information with interesting displays and well-planned advertising campaigns. Cross-merchandising and educational marketing are two of the best sales strategies any organic fertilizer manufacturer can put into play.

Many organic fertilizer shops and garden centers rely on product displays to increase their sales bracket. The strategy in play consists of catching the consumer's attention by placing entire product lines in one expansive display. Other suppliers will scatter displays throughout the store to increase product presence and encourage people to buy. Another popular sales strategy is the careful placement of organic fertilizer products amid the plant department. For example, you might see a potted rosebush with a small display of organic fertilizers next to it. In doing so, the shopkeeper indicates that the fertilizer will indeed encourage flowers to bloom.

Organic fertilizers are typically differentiated by their N-P-K formulations. A variance in these formulations helps to determine the specific area of use the product is most suited, whether it be fruits and vegetables, flowers, lawn care or turf grass. For example, organic fertilizers with N-P-K formulations of 6-2-2 carry a high Nitrogen content, and are best suited for lawn grass. By advertising this fact, organic fertilizer dealers are able to educate their customers and ultimately increase their bottom line.

The colours and packaging materials used can also be used to create a good sales strategy. More and more organic fertilizer manufacturers have repackaged their products, choosing to use plastic instead of brown paper in an effort to improve their sales. Organic fertilizers wrapped in bright resealable plastic bags and plastic containers are certainly much more attractive, and catch the attention of more shoppers. Sharp, eye-catching floral photography on organic fertilizer bags will also attract consumers, luring them with the notion that their flowers will look every bit as beautiful if they use this particular product.

Another important part of the marketing plan is advertising. With a successful ad campaign in magazines, newspapers, radio or television, the supplier can increase sales, and the manufacturer can increase productivity. Also important in the advertising process is consumer education. Telling potential buyers what the product is, and how it is used, will also help to increase sales. Consumers generally prefer not to purchase products that they have little or no knowledge about. Organic fertilizer producers and marketers are advised to offer informative packaging, giving shoppers the chance to learn more before they buy.

In 2002, many organic fertilizer manufacturers reported an increase in their sales. For example, the Scott's Company reported a twenty percent increase in retail sales of its organic fertilizers and lawn plant food products. According to vice-president of lawn marketing Gordon Hecker, the Scott's Company was able to achieve this boost in sales without making any changes to their organic fertilizers products. The increase came about due to marketing strategy and improved in-store material display.

Green Light is another organic fertilizer manufacturer that experienced double-digit increases in their sales. The company, based in San Antonio, Texas, has concentrated on marketing their specialty organic fertilizers and plant foods with all-weather displays and plastic packaging.

The trick to making a profit in organic fertilizer sales is really no trick at all. Just apply the basic rules or marketing, and watch your sales grow.

Nick Beck, Founder and Managing Director of Tug, the search marketing agency, is a confirmed speaker SES London 2011.

SES London will be held on 21-25 February 2011 at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London - See SES London is the leading UK event for education in interactive marketing. . The SES Conference & Expo is designed to ensure that delegates are given the skills and knowledge to help them maximize search marketing for their business.

A seasoned speaker, Nick Beck is was responsible for creating and managing Legolands online marketing campaign in the UK and has created a company that manages the search marketing for a number of high profile global brands, including Dairy Crest, Merlin Entertainments and Glenfiddich.

Nick will be speaking on day 2 of the conference (23rd February) where he will focus exclusively on gaining a better understanding of how, when, and where to attribute revenue gains from search campaigns.

SES London will be held on 21-25 February 2011 at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London - See SES London is the leading UK event for education in interactive marketing. . The SES Conference & Expo is designed to ensure that delegates are given the skills and knowledge to help them maximize search marketing for their business.

A seasoned speaker, Nick Beck is was responsible for creating and managing Legolands online marketing campaign in the UK and has created a company that manages the search marketing for a number of high profile global brands, including Dairy Crest, Merlin Entertainments and Glenfiddich.

Nick will be speaking on day 2 of the conference (23rd February) where he will focus exclusively on gaining a better understanding of how, when, and where to attribute revenue gains from search campaigns.

Nick says:

"Measurement and analytics are critical to the success of any search campaign. Ill be presenting on this major issue using examples from some of the campaigns we have been running for major brands at Tug. I am looking forward to this and an interesting Q&A session to follow."

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